Track search result link that was clicked (search destination page) when someone uses internal search



I am trying to determine how to track the search result link that was clicked when someone uses the search page. I just want to capture and report the destination url so that I have a report that has the search term and the search link that was clicked or the destination page from the search term used.

Is there a method in DTM that tracks and collects the internal search link clicked or do I need to write 15 – 20 lines of code to capture the link click through a querySelectorAll and attach event listeners to each link and push it to a datalayer to be collected?

I assume DTM can do some of the heavy lifting using event and page based rules to track the link click. I know that Google Analytics tracks the search start page, search term and search destination page (page visitor saw after performing a search on the site) out-of-the-box so I assume Adobe Analytics has a similiar setup.

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