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Time spent per visit - bucketed vs time spent per visit


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Any idea why a particular visit identified by adobe ID is falling under the time spent per visit bucket for more than 15 hours when the total time spent is only 66s. 



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Hello @dee123 


When I checked at my end it works fine for my visitor ids.


Can you please double check as it could be some Adobe loading time issue or something.

May be try to put granular one as dimension and see if it shows correct results.


For reference - https://experienceleague.adobe.com/en/docs/analytics/components/metrics/total-seconds-spent

it always shows overall seconds spent.


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Thanks for your reply. I tried looking at Time Spent per Visit - Granular and it is showing 104828 Seconds for visit number 30, however, if we were to look at total seconds spent for the same visit it was only 1 sec. So the calculation should be 1 sec / 1 visit which should return 1 sec as Time Spent per Visit - Granular instead of 104828 Seconds?


Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.