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Time Spent per Visit - Bucketed/Granular VS Unique Visitors


Level 1

Hello Everyone,


I cannot explain why the sum of Time Spent per Visit - Bucketed has a discrepancy with the total amount of Unique Visitors while on the second table the sum of the Time Spent per Visit - Granular equals to the sum of Unique Visitors.


Could anyone help me with this?


Time Spent Bucketed VS Granular.png


Thanks in advance


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Community Advisor

I'm seeing the same thing.. it looks like there are a lot of missing UVs in the Bucketed Data....


This seems like a bug... since those users obviously have time metrics based on the Granular Data.... 


This isn't a dimension I use often, so I didn't see this until just now...


If I were you, I would log a ticket with Client Care to investigate this....