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Single Page Visits in Data Feeds


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Hi all again.

I come from this question: https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/adobe-analytics-questions/adobe-data-feeds-first-la...

I´m trying to calculate 'Single Page Visits' Metric in Adobe Data Feeds. I realized that visit_page_num is based on Hit and non in the Page Navigation. So I´m searching any way to workaround this metric in the Data Feeds, using DISTINCT(post_prop1) for visit, but I don't get the same results.

Do you know any way to calculate when a Visit goes to another page?



Update (cos I can't reply) @Jennifer_Dungan . I've tried what you mentioned and still does not work. Let me please show you the SQL and the filter





with unique_visitors as
	select distinct post_visid_high||post_visid_low visit_id, count(distinct(post_evar20)) page_visits, max(cast(visit_num as int)) max_visit_num
	from daci_privatespace.adobe_datafeeds
	    reference_date >= date('2022-09-01') and reference_date <= date('2022-09-01')
	    and exclude_hit = '0'
	   	and hit_source not in (5,7,8,9)
	    and post_page_url is null and post_page_url is null
	group by 1
select count(visit_id) from unique_visitors
where max_visit_num = 1 and page_visits = 1



Second edit: 

I am trying to select those visitors who make a single visit and with a single hit, i.e. to select any visitor who has a single visit and does not navigate (i.e. stays on the first page they reach).
In the case that a person who is in this segment, but makes another moment a second visit, I understand that this filter would no longer apply to him, since it would be modified retroactively. 

The first part of the filter, i.e. the selection of those visitors with unique visit whose condition max_visit_num = 1 --> max(cast(visit_num as int)) max_visit_num, works correctly. It is the selection of those who do not browse that is driving me crazy.




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What if you exclude non-page views before trying to calculate single page visits?


Page Views occur where there is a value in post_pagename / post_page_url; so if you filter out the hits without those; that should leave you with just you page views... then you should be able to run your checks with visit_page_num


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Looking at your workspace first.. can you explain to me why you are combining fields in this way.. are you tying to get Single Page Visits that are also the user's first ever visit? Why the distinct count addition...


And finally, you do realize that by setting this segments as a "Visitor Level" segment, ALL visitors who ever had this scenario will be returned and pulled into your report (for all subsequent visits, AND for all visits that have any number of pages).


I don't think your workspace segment is pulling what you expect, so before I even look at your SQL, maybe we should try and get the value you are trying to match actually pull back what you are trying to find.