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Setting an alert for evars that don't match up?


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We have an ecommerce website, in our search, we sometimes have some marketing style predefined searches that load a series of specific items (called by item number, and not random criteria).

We also have a search variable we can add to these URLs that is "AuditSearch=[number of items expected]" 


In Analytics, we are reporting this AuditSearch value as say eVar60 and then eVar61 is the number of results shown on the page.

In an ideal scenario and everything working right... the values align. 

If we have an item that goes end of life, those values will no longer match.


I'd like to set an alert within Analytics to send an alert when eVar60 and eVar61 do not match for a given search.
Is that possible? 


I've only found where you can set alerts for thresholds of historical data. So like "if daily traffic is lower than 95% of the typicaly daily traffic" or stuff like that. I want it to analyze a specific instance of this not matching up.

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It is not possible.
Why not to compare the values on the page and fire a custom event when they do not match?