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Send Data From Edge to Analytics


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I have AEP Edge Configured on my mobile app.

How do I send data from Edge to Analytics? I have added Adobe analytics service in my data stream and mapped to a test report suite but can't see the data. What else is needed to see the data?

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Another reference, developer.adobe.com/client-sdks/documentation/getting-started/track-events/#send-events-to-edge-netw..., create the ExperienceEvent and send it out. A sample Swift code for a simple page view tracking

        let xdmData: [String: Any] = [
            "eventType": "web.webpagedetails.pageViews",
            "web": [
                "webPageDetails": [
                    "name": "Intro|Splash"
        let experienceEvent = ExperienceEvent(xdm: xdmData)
        Edge.sendEvent(experienceEvent: experienceEvent)