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Hi Everyone,


We are using adobe launch to implement third party tags such as facebook,twitter, linkedIN etc. We are seeing this rule not met (these rules are meant for different page) is firing and causing performance issue to the site. How do we avoid this firing in other pages.




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I think the error messages tell you everything that you need to know: in all of those Rules, you have specified some conditions. And each time, one or more of those conditions are not evaluating to "true" when the Rule runs.

So your solution is simple:

  1. Open the Rule.
  2. For each condition:
    1. Evaluate when the condition returns true.
  3. Refer back to your website when you get this error.
  4. Check the data elements that are referenced in the conditions. Are they what you expect them to be?
  5. If your condition is some Custom Code, debug the code to figure out why it's not returning "true".

There's no magic, one-step solution to your problem. This is akin to programming: you need to troubleshoot the problem step by step until you get to the solution.