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Restrict access to dimensions and segments in reportsuites


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how can we restrict access permission for specific user to dimension and segments in a particular dashboards in AA ? I know we can restrict dimension in Virtual reportsuites; however how can we restrict access to dimension or segments for specific user?


thanks !

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Hey @geetathakur If you want to restrict this on project level, you can curate the project. Curation lets you limit the components (dimensions, metrics, segments, date ranges) before sharing a project.https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/analytics/analyze/analysis-workspace/curate-share/curate.htm...



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You can control what dimensions and metrics users have access to through the Admin Console.


You can create a new Product Profile, then in the permissions tab, you can set Report Suites, Metrics, Dimensions and Tools permissions.




You can see in this example that Metrics and Dimension are set to "Auto-included" meaning everything is available.. but you can edit these and set only the items you want them to have..


Then you need to remove the old Product Profile from those users and apply this new Profile.