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Reproduce logic of Marketing Channel on Page level


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Hi All, 

As most of you, we defined and use the Marketing Channel to understand from where the traffic is coming on our site:


It's mainly based on url parameter and Adobe automatic detection.

Now, my marketeer would like to have the same logic to know how the traffic is coming on their product page but also including internal traffic:

- from our main page

- from banner on our site

- from button on our site

- same rule as the marketing channel


I was thinking of using processing rule but it act on hit level, so I cannot see what was the preceeding call...

Maybe a solution would be to define this in the processing rule but as evar and use the persistency of this one in the project for analysis.


Do you have the same kind of request? 
Any suggestion?





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Community Advisor

Internal Campaigns are generally kept separate from your external campaigns (through one or more custom eVars depending on your needs).


Part of the reason for this is that maybe you have a paid campaign coming to your site, but then the user also interacted with your internal banner or button... you might want to see the last touch external in conjunction with your last touch internal interaction.


You will also have to determine if your internal campaign should have the same expiry as your Marketing Channels... often those are set up to 30 days, or 7 days, etc... but internally, that profile may not make sense.... (keep in mind, you can always use custom attribution, so I tend to set my internal campaigns to visit level, cause I can also use a custom attribution to look farther back into a week or month, etc)


On your internal campaigns, you can add campaigns to your links such as "?itm=" or "?itm_source=xxx&itm_medium=yyy...." or "?icid=xxx-yyy" (follow a naming convention that works for you, and define your taxonomy)


Internal Campaigns won't be as complex as your Marketing Channels (i.e. the overrides and all the same detection buckets, etc)... but you can set up Classifications on your eVar(s) to process the information into buckets...


Let's say you are using icid={source}-{medium}-{id} for a simple example... and you are storing these in eVar1


You can create three classifications on eVar1 for each part of the campaign, and use Regex to extract the "source value" and put it in the source classification, and use Regex to extract the "medium value" and put it in the medium classification, etc


Then you will have access to the full "{source}-{medium}-{id}" and each individual piece... just note that classifications are processed every 4-6 hours, so if you are looking at today data, you could have a lot of "unspecified" showing up in your classifications.


By setting your eVar to a visit level attribution, you can see the direct clicks by looking at "Instance of eVar1" metric.. but all page views in the visit (until the eVar is overwritten) will maintain the value.

You can also used something like a Participation or First Touch custom attribution to see how different campaigns were interacted with in your site.