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Report Builder - change ownership?


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We have a Report Builder files going out from a user's account who is no longer with the company.  We moved over all of their components and reports over to another user.  Is it possible for that user to get to the previous user's Report Builder projects?

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Ok so the "old" user had used report builder to schedule report builder reports out to the business. You now want to move ownership of these to the new user - is that correct?


So the reports (xls) files themselves you will need to move from old user to new user.


I don't believe you can change the ownership of the schedules (as they are system scheduled). Can you see the schedules under Analytics > Components > All components > Scheduled reports? This should allow you to renew and edit e.g. change the recipients 


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To add to this, the Report Builder assets don't show in the asset transfer list the same as other assets.

I believe this is due to also needing access to the excel file.


When I have handled this in the past, I had to get a copy of the Excel file(s), logged in with a new user (and ensure that all suites and segments, etc were available to the new user - if not, I would have to take some time identifying what was missing and ensure everything was shared), then created a new schedule for the reports... after that, I cancelled the old schedule through the Scheduled Reports area.


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@Jennifer_Dungan Yes, this is the best option to move report builder assets to another user. It would be better if report builder is also added to the transfer assets. Maybe you can add that as an idea.

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