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I work on a very large site that utilizes MANY (in the thousands) proxy urls to access the same site, way to many to list in the s.internalLinkFilters list. Currently using the "auto exit link tracking," as the users are clicking around internal site clicks, every click they perform is being falsely tracked as an exit link. I am also not receiving these users traffic in the report data based on other internal server side logging and I think is also related to this problem.

One option I am looking at is turning off the auto link tracking and writing some custom javascript to compare the window.hostname with the link they are clicking, if the two match track as link_o, if they don't match, track as link_e.

I wanted to see if there is potentially another way to keep reporting all of these users traffic at internal no mater what proxy address they have and still have the ability to see the exit points. Has this problem been solved before? Are there settings internally to SiteCatalyst to do what I am needing?

Thank you for the help.

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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You'd need to utilize the internal link filters variable or write your own code to handle this specific use case. The automatic exit link tracking is a useful tool but it does have it's limits.

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