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I'm relatively new to Omniture, and am trying to clean up an existing instance. One issue we're having - that has MOSTLY been cleaned up by Tealium before Adobe ever gets it, but not totally - is mixed case results not aggregating together.

For example, my prop1 is the page URL. Somehow I still have entries for both Login.aspx and login.aspx separately. The woman who views these reports is essentially begging us to get rid of the split and somehow get everything the same case. According to everything I've found online, this supposedly happens as of about 2012. However, my reports disagree.

Is there a way to make reports case-insensitive?


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For report suites created before April 26 2012, all traffic variables are case-sensitive by default. Marketing reports & analytics treats "search1" and "SEARCH1" as distinct and separate line items.

For report suites created after April 26 2012, traffic variable values automatically convert different cases to the first value collected. These report suites are not case sensitive by default.

Note that case insensitivity is not retroactive, and lower and uppercase data cannot be merged together when case sensitivity is turned on. It is possible to manually toggle case-insensitivity on any report suite. Have one of your organization's supported users contact Customer Care if you are not sure what a report suite is configured to.

Also as a practice, you could use the 'tolowercase' method in the prop rules to convert all data to lowercase and avoid irregularities -

Let me know if that answers your question. Thanks!


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To clean up the mixed case values of the historical prop data and combine login.aspx and Login.aspx you can you use Traffic Classifications (formerly SAINT). You can use the =LOWER() formula in Excel to convert all your prop variable "Keys" to lower case classified values. See screen shot below.


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