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Problem withData Collection (former Launch) for Mobile App


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I'm writing about an issue we are experiencing to collect data for a Mobile App.


I have configured a Report Suite that collect data both form Web Site and App.


For Web Site I have a dedicated Data Collection Web Property for App a dedicated Mobile Property "Frecce Mobile".


For Mobile Property I have installed the extension standard (Mobile Core and Profile) plus Adobe Analytics and Adobe Analytics - Mobile Services

All worked well till two days ago.

Starting from yesterday 1st of March suddenly no data are collected from  Mobile property.

No any change has been implemented from day before and apparently non any configuration issue is responsible for it.

I tried to debug with mobile App and data seems sent successfully to Data Collection.

We tried to roll back version of App and simulate event invocation without any result.


Report Suite side, we configured and tested last week some processing rules and till yesterday all was working properly. 


For Web property no any issue.


Anyone can suggest any check I can perform?

Any possible element to investigate?



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On a first look, this seems like a timestamp configuration/implementation issue. I would check the report suite configuration and compare it with whether timestamp is being sent with the mobile hits. But, this doesn't seems to be the case if nothing changed (unless someone did it behind your back  )


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Yes, it was a timestamp configuration, I changed the setting for time stamp configuration and now it is working.

It  is not clear because worked till two days ago and no no