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Create Segment in Each Hit


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Hi Team,


Please let me know, how to create the segment in single hit. Kindly find the below image:



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Hi @bindukumari90,

Can you please elaborate more on what do you mean by 'create the segment in single hit'?


If you want to meet multiple conditions for a single hit, select Hit as a top-level container and use 'AND' conditions.



Hi Bindu,
The segment that you have created is on "hit level" and, it will give you all the hits where any of the four conditions are true.
You can check the video on this page, this will be helpful to understand how segments work on different containers: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/analytics/components/segmentation/seg-overview.html?lang=en


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Hey @bindukumari90 


If your use case for Segment creation is to include every hit that's made in a shopping funnel, you can use pageURL with "contains" and make sure the funnel is structure in your website's URLs.


I see that page names are structure per website directory, so it's hard to imagine about scenarios about every hit. So, that's why pageURL based criteria (for segment creation) would come handy!


In case you would like to include every hit made on your website (whole website, where you have tagged Adobe Analytics), just go by pageURL "Exists" in the segment critera.


Hope this helps!


- Kishore