Performance issues with Workspace in Chrome and Firefox

alv123456 07-01-2019

I noticed that when I use Workspace with larger Projects the page is loading very sluggish. It takes sometimes a couple of minutes until every asset is loaded.

I have the same experience in Firefox and Chrome - latest versions. I never have problems with the old Adobe Analytics GUI. What could be the reason? What are the system requirements?



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pabloc82923542 08-01-2019

The problem is not the browser but workspace itself...

Once you start to get into larger data sets(lines of variables its slows down badly).

I use workspace as more of a data versioning and analysis tool and workflowtool. I then apply any learned/desired logic to the full blown query in a data warehouse pull. Much more efficient way to work...


alv123456 08-01-2019

I just wonder because we replicated reports similar to the old GUI's dashboards and these dashboards loaded considerably better than the new Workspace's dashboards, even though the content is similar.