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Pageview vs visits metrics


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Hey, this is a very basic question on a report for adobe analytics

below is the reporting created

Page | Pageview | visits| time on site | total second | exit rate

page URL

       Video viewed


The report is created to see how a page is performing and a video hosted on the page. Time spent being the KPI here 


The objective of the report is to get total seconds spend viewing the report.

Can anyone guide me if this reporting is accurate ? guide me on some best practice how not to use visit and hit data




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The report you created is not accurate because it is using visit and hit data. Visit and hit data are not accurate measures of time spent on a page because they do not take into account how long a user spends on a page before they click on a link or close the window.

To get an accurate measure of time spent on a page, you should use the "Time on Page" metric in Adobe Analytics. This metric measures the amount of time a user spends on a page before they take any other action, such as clicking on a link or closing the window.

Here are some best practices for using the "Time on Page" metric:

  • Use the "Time on Page" metric to compare different pages on your website. This will help you to identify which pages are engaging your users and which pages need improvement.
  • Use the "Time on Page" metric to track changes to your website over time. This will help you to see if your changes are having a positive or negative impact on user engagement.
  • Use the "Time on Page" metric to set goals for your website. For example, you might set a goal of having users spend at least 30 seconds on each page.

Here are some additional tips for using Adobe Analytics:

  • Use the "Advanced Segment Editor" to create custom segments of users. This will allow you to drill down into your data and get more insights into how different types of users are interacting with your website.
  • Use the "Data Visualization" tools to create custom reports and dashboards. This will help you to share your data with others and make it easier to understand.
  • Use the "Reporting API" to automate your reporting tasks. This will save you time and allow you to focus on more important things.

I hope this helps!


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I would argue the fact that none of Adobe's "time" tracking is accurate...  since its just a simple math of:
Page B Time Stamp minus Page A Time Stamp (to get the time spent on Page A)


The last page of the visit (and by extension any single page visits) won't have an time spend values (as there is nothing to calculate against). On top of this, minimizing the browser, changing tabs, etc before coming back and navigating isn't taken into account...  Tracking time with a heatbeat type of tracking will always be superior to what Adobe or Google Analytics do... 


However, that said, using the Time Spent per Visit is fine for rough estimations and comparative analysis over time (is it going up or down)


Please check out this other similar post from a few days ago:




As for showing the data as columns as you have indicated:




Should be absolutely fine....  You aren't "mixing" visit and page view info... they are separate columns for the dimension....