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Passing additional identifier value in Analytics


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I have set form successful events using _satellite.track() function along with additional information.

I want to capture additional information as eVars when this event occurs.


For example, I want to capture form name as eVar from below

_satellite.track('form_success', {formName: 'abc' });


Please suggest ways.

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Given your _satellite.track('form_success', {formName: 'abc' }) example, you can access the {formName: 'abc' } object via the %event.detail% data element.


// in your webpage
_satellite.track('form_success', {formName: 'abc' });

// in your Launch Rule:
// event type: Direct Call, event identifier: "form_success"
// then, in the "Set Variables" action:
eVar10: %event.detail.formName% // sets eVar10 = "abc"

// or in custom code
s.eVar10 = event.detail.formName; // sets eVar10 = "abc"
// notice that you don't need to use the %..% notation nor _satellite.getVar()

Reference: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-platform/tags/client-side/satellite-object.html?l...