Not able to connect adobe analytics through python api



I got developer account created for adobe analytics and received a link to complete my account. while account creation it asks for password only. After entering the password i logged in successfully. But while connecting adobe analytics through python it asks for username/password.

Where i can get the username which i can use with python ?

I have tried the name showing on top right corner after successful login to the adobe analytics but did'nt worked for me.

Do help me or redirect me to the concerned team.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




You should this documentation: GitHub - AdobeDocs/analytics-1.4-apis: Documentation and helpful resources for calling the Analytics...

analytics-1.4-apis/ at master · AdobeDocs/analytics-1.4-apis · GitHub

To get the username and password you will need to be added to the web services group for Adobe Analytics. Once it is done, an admin in your company can go to Admin >> Company Settings >> Web services and should be able to provide you the Web services username and Shared secret. That are the ones you need to use with WSSE.

Unfortunately I do not have any WSSE example in python.

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Answers (6)



Thanks Alexis for your help!!

I was able to connect to omniture via python api.

I am facing new issue now while fetching traffic report from omniture. I am trying to fetch pages report with sample data as below.


PagePage ViewsTotal Seconds Spent
1search results831371731.00%3.71E+0831.30%
2Search results13284615.00%412798033.50%

the inputs i am using in python code is mentioned below.

report_definition_traffic = ReportDefinition(



{ "id": "pageviews"}






                "id":"page", "top": 100




issue - manual numbers and python dataframe numbers are not matching. Also i am not able to find the option to pull the "Total Seconds Spent" metric.