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Next or previous item panel (new) - please explain logic


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I've been trying out the Next or previous item panel and honestly cannot grasp the built segment logic. My test is with a shop filter. I'm trying to see which filters occur before selecting the filter language. Once built, the table generates a segment automatically, which can be seen in the image attached. Can someone please explain item by item, why the filter is built in such a way? Thanks in advance.



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Honestly.. sometimes Adobe's generated segments don't make a lot of sense to anyone human....


I am not sure.. but I will give it a try.


First, while it's cut off, I am not sure the overall scope of the segment... I am guessing it might be Hit level?


So the first part:

Filter Type (non-repeating instance) exists 
If a hit level segment, this would be looking only for hits that have a filter type


Next, there is a Visit level container.. so this part is looking at the flow in the visit, and is broken into sub-parts again:


The exclude sub-container

Filter Type (non-repeating instance) exists 

basically is looking for a hit that does not have filter type (basically the page before filter type does exist)




Filter Type (non-repeating instance) exists 

(basically this works with the above to say the user went from a hit without a filter to a hit with a filter)


THEN within one "filter type" dimension change


Set the filter type to "Language"




Since I don't know your site or the flows that users can take, I can only assume this makes some sort of sense in the context of your site....