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JeffSt 04-09-2018

Is there anyway to check new unique values.

Say we had a evar with a guid or a leads id. and on thursday we added 10 unique values and on friday we added 14.

Is there anyway to easily calculate this easily without going day by day and using count of function?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


jeff35625053​, there is no a straightforward way for that.

I would advise the following method:

  • Configure an event with serialisation
  • Fire that event every time a value is set in the eVar. Serialise the event with the eVar value. This will guarantee that every value will have "1" as a metric (event) regardless how many times the value was passed to the eVar.
  • Run Analysis Workspace and add a freeform table. Add the event to the column. The rows will be filled in with days. The event metric will indicate the number of new values added in every day.

Let me know if that's helpful?

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

JeffSt 10-09-2018

Ok cool, this is definitely interesting looking into it.

Allows to create an event that doesn't count several times and de-duplicates everything.

I think that this would work, but the situation that I'm in I don't have the granular control on implementation for something like this. So I would need another solution that would allow me to do the calculations down to the day without having to setup 50+ calculated metrics or doing calculations outside of AA.

Thanks for your response though, it does help for those starting out or with more control on the implementing side!