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Missing analytics link name on first click of video


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Hi, I have this video component that is not triggering a rule when I first play/pause the audio. But on the second and succeeding click, the rule is now triggering. One condition of the rule is that it will fire when there is analytics link name.


On first click of play/pause, the video component has no link name: values are shaded for privacy.



however, when I play/pause the video for the second time, this happens. a link name is shown



can someone help me, what is the issue with this? thanks



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What is setting those data attributes onto the element? Are you setting them? Or are your developers?


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Can you clarify are these embedded videos or player based videos?


Im guessing embedded? If they are i really recommend the plugin 

YouTube Playback

You will find often the embed preload would be skipped and in that case the link after click if finally available. things like pause , re plat etc can then also get tricky... I used it and solved tons of my video tracking issues. Also the dev is super nice and responsive and best part free!