metric which is there in discover tool but not in the report builder

gaurava6898549 22-06-2017

Hi team,

There is a metric called Searches which is available only in discover(Ad Hoc Analysis tool) but not in Report Builder by keeping same report suite. Is there any possibility that it can be available with a different name?


Gaurav Agarwal

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Unfortunately there are limitations to metric and dimensions in the Reports section (and Report Builder), which are overcome in Ad Hoc and Workspace

gaurava6898549 27-06-2017

Hi Hyder,

Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, we are able to see the searches metric while using Traffic sources report. I need to use this metric with Geographic DMA report which is a custom conversion report, for which I need to use ad-hoc analysis tool.




Hi Gaurav,

The searches metric should be available with the Traffic sources report. Check if you get it when you select the Search Engine report as a dimension in the 1st step of the wizard.

Analysis works and Ad Hoc allow for more mix-match of breakdowns, which are limited in the old Reports section. The Report Builder works off on the old Reports, and shares much of its limitations.