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Merge Adobe Analytics Report Suites


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Currently, our organisation has a report suite for Web, and another for App. 


What would be the best way to combine/consolidate the two without losing previous data?




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There are 2 schools of thought of web vs app report suites:

  1. Keep them separate, as you have done. The 2 main reasons are:
    1. App report suites have additional dimensions that are app-specific, like number of app launches, etc. By nature of apps being able to be offline while being used, app report suites also are usually configured to be timestamp optional (https://experienceleague.adobe.com/en/docs/analytics/admin/admin-tools/manage-report-suites/edit-rep...).
    2. The web and app properties may be tracking different information that should not be reported together.
  2. Keep them together. The main reason is:
    1. The web and app properties are exact clones of each other, so they would be tracking the same information that can be reported together.

I assume that you have already done sufficient impact analysis of combining your report suites together, particularly with the impact on reporting and the rest of your analytics ecosystem, for example, if you are using Analytics data with Target, Audience Manager, Advertising Cloud, etc.

If you still want to combine your report suites together, you can ask Customer Care for assistance. However, from my experience, it is usually not possible to combine report suites together because it is not possible to combine the various data points together in a proper way that still ensures correct reporting. Normally, organisations would create a new combined report suite and start tracking there, eventually fully relying on that for reporting, e.g. after 6 months or so.