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Does Adobe Analytics expose API to export data into other systems (Tableau or Power BI)


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We are working on a requirement to pull data from Adobe Analytics into Tableau or Power BI and looking if there is an existing API that is available.

We are specifically looking for an API that exports the data from Analysis Workspace, data from a specific panel that is configured using required segments, dimensions and metrics. For example, we have a panel in Analysis Workspace for 5XX errors on our website for a time period of last 1 month. and we want to export only this data from panel to be exported into Tableau.

We are looking for options other than Tools -> Data Warehouse options for the reason it involves placing a file SFTP location and Tableau needs access to that and read the data; APIs would be real-time. We are considering Tableau over Analysis Workspace visualizations because there is a learning curve for using Adobe Analysis Workspace.

Any inputs on the approaches to achieve this would be really appreciated.






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The Adobe Analytics 2.0 APIs allow you to directly call Adobe's servers to perform almost any action that you can perform in the user interface. You can also manage components of Adobe Analytics, such as the creation of segments or calculated metrics.