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Media Detail dashboard?


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Inside Reports & Analytics we used to have a dashboard called "Media Detail" which was useful to analyse viewer retention on video on demand content.

The visualization let us see if viewers keeps watching the video or leave at every minute of the video.



Is it possible to have the same visualization on Analysis Workspace? We miss that report...






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We use the Media Concurrent Viewers Panel very often, but this is not exactly what I'm referring to.


The mentioned "Media detail" dashboard was useful because it showed, for instance, how many viewers viewed during the last week the first minute of a specific video, how many viewers viewed the second minute of the same video... and so on.


We publish a lot of VOD content and want to understand the behaviour of our video viewers. In that case it doesn't mind at which exact time (hour-day-minute) they were watching the video but how many viewers watched each minute of the video during a period of time. Using that dashboard we could detect maybe that a lot of viewers stopped watching that video at minute 25' and then analyze what content was shown exactly on that minute of the video.  


This is not the same to "how many viewers were viewing that video at an specific day/hour/minute", which is what we can already find on Media Concurrent Viewers Panel. 



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@fclavell You might have to create a customized dashboard in the workspace based on your requirement and how the Media detail dashboard is there in R&A. At the end of the day, it is a combination of metrics and dimensions based on the reporting purposes


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Sorry to insist on this, but I think this is not what I'm looking for.

As far as I know, the "Media detail" report is no longer available on Adobe Analytics.
So then, how can I have the number of viewers for each minute of a video?

  • Minute 1: xxx unique visitors
  • Minute 2: xxx unique visitors
  • Minute 3: xxx unique visitors

I know there's a "Minute" dimension on Workspace but this one is related to a particular date, so it's not what i want.



I know this data has to be hidden somewhere inside Adobe Analytics but I wonder if there's any way to use it.

This data is very useful for video creators.