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Logic groups in Segmentation


Level 4

In Segments, I'm interested in how Logic Groups work.  The documentation is vague and they could be helpful with a variety of situations.  Some questions about the examples in the documentation (https://docs.adobe.com/content/help/en/analytics/components/segmentation/segmentation-workflow/seg-s...):

- When it says “But inside the Logic Group container, the checkpoints do not require an established order or hierarchy—these checkpoints simply need to be met by the visitor in any order.”  I understand that the order doesn’t matter between two pages (or other elements) with an AND operator.  But why use the Logic Group for pages with an OR operator (e.g. Logic Group exclude OR) or single pages (e.g. Logic Group first match)?  It seems that you can do the same thing without a Logic Group container.  Is that correct?

- There’s not an example of using the Visitor container within a Logic Group.  I’m sure it could be useful, but there isn’t a good feel for the function of it.  Any ideas on a typical scenario?

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