Is there a way to view Visitor ID values in Analytics reporting?



Our company is able to grab the Visitor IDs from the data feed, but our reporting users are unable to use the dimension in the Adobe Analytics tool itself.

Is this possible through any method?

Note: We do not use DTM, nor do we set our own custom Visitor ID.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Which "Visitor ID" are you talking about? and how do you collect the data if you don't use DTM?

notmally you could write the default "Visitor ID" (Experience Cloud Visitor ID) to any of your dimensions (eg. eVar) to make it available for reporting.

a) in DTM/Launch add the value to any prop/eVar, eg.  eVar1=D=mid

b) use processing rules to "copy" value to a prop/eVar, eg. "overwrite eVar1 with VisitorID"

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