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Is it possible to merge two workspace projects?


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Hi. I need to merge two workspace projects. I have tried duplicating a panel (and visualization) and when I get to the other project (in a different window) the 'insert copied panel' option isn't available. Has anyone successfully merged two projects? If so... how? 



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Copying the panel from Project A and using Insert Copied Panel on Project B is the best way (that I know of) to do this. 


A couple of things that might be affecting your ability to paste the copied panel:

  • If you do not have edit access to Project B
  • Try using one window only. Copy the panel from Project A, close Project A, open Project B, and insert the panel on B


Community Advisor

"Duplicate" panel/visualization is for use inside the same report (it makes a copy directly below the item you are duplicating).


"Copy" panel/visualization creates a copy that you can insert into another workspace.


There is a caveat to this, you cannot copy and insert panels between different companies/organizations.