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Internal Tracking Code VS Event number difference


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I am analyzing some data with Adobe Analytics


We have tracking in to capture "EventA" when a user clicks on any of the four tiles on the page. The event fires each time the click happens on any of the tiles


each tile also has an attributed internal tracking code (eVar)  on pageview calls post the click



When i do a comparison

the internal tracking code instance (eVar instances) is 6800

Where as the clicks (EventA) is 2300.



The one reason for it to be a higher is page reloads. 


What could be the other reason for such a high difference?



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I would look perform the following: 

  1. Create a segment that is = Event A is greater than or equal to 1 AND evar "x" = tile 1 (make this a "visit" based segment because Event A happens before arrival to the "tile 1" page )
  2. Create another segment that is just eVar "x" = tile 1 (visit).  
  3. Use the Venn display to see the difference
    1. if you see a perfect overlap, but difference in size (the "just eVar "x" = tile 1" is likely bigger in your scenario), then people are arriving to your tile 1 page in another way than just through your tile click that causes the event to fire.  
      1. I would then use a flow chart to see your click sequence or URL sequence using tile 1 page as the focus point.  
    2. if you see an imperfect overlap, then you know that people are arriving to tile1's page in another way (or, they are idle on that page long enough to be counted in another session.)
  4. repeat for the other 3 tiles


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I would also double check your implementation.. that you aren't actually sending multiple hits, one with the "EventA" and setting the eVar, and others hits that are only setting the eVar... 


Without seeing it, this sounds like there is something in the implementation that isn't quite working correctly.