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Incrementing Product Views in Adobe Analytics


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Hello All,

Based on the definition from Adobe, the metric 'prodView' metric counts the number of hits that match either of the following:

1. The value prodView exists in the events variable; or

2. The products variable is set, and no shopping cart events exist in the events variable. Any event that is not custom (event1 - event1000) is a shopping cart event.

#1 is fine.

But I doubt #2. We set product string (Product & Product Category mostly) in almost all our form pages (BnF sector) but never seen that 'prodView' is incremented. It is a BnF sector and thus I am sure that we don't set any shopping cart events as said in #2.

Any inputs here? Happy to discuss.

Thank You, Pratheep Arun Raj B.

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