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How to show first occurrence count by page


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Need to show number of components used on the page and this number should be counted only once per page or page url for the site not by the visit or visitor.

Example: We have A,B,C,A,C components on a page. I am tracking all those components using a listvar because of the character limit and more number of components can be used on a page.

if i pull report , using the listvar & page in the above example i am seeing three rows of data with 5 occurrence but business team wants to see it as 5 rows because they want to see total number of components used on the page. How can I achieve this report.

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I want to be sure I am visualizing what you are trying to accomplish... Is it this something like:



Page 1X
   Component AY
   Component CY
   Component BX


And because you have 2 "Component A" and 2 "Component C", the issue is that they are rolling up into the same row?



Adobe is designed to roll up dimensions based on "same value"... so if you are trying to track multiples of a component with the same name, you will have to add a distinguishing factor... like maybe serialize the components based on placement order..... 

"Component A-1,Component B-2,Component C-3,Component A-4,Component C-5" (basically apply a serial against all the containers in the order they appear)


"Component A-1,Component B-1,Component C-1,Component A-2,Component C-2" (serialize per container type, each container has its own index)