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How to Set Activity Map Variables in POST Requests in SPA - Adobe Analytics



Is it possible to set the Activity Map module so that it sends information on the POST requests too? Right now it only works on GET requests for SPA.

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Get and Post should have nothing to do with Activity Map.. it's about the element that is clicked...


By default, Activity Map only recognizes anchor tags (<a href... >), and you can extend this to recognize buttons (<button>) with some custom code... this is because anchor and button tags are semantic "navigation" html elements.


Anchor tags can be modified to send as post request with Javascipt, but they will still be recognized by Activity Map.


But if your developers are making clickable divs (<div>) and spans (<span>) etc. there is nothing you can do to make Activity Map recognize those (I've tried for a few badly coded modules in our own implementations in the past)... also, this will kill your SEO (Bots will not be able to organically crawl your site), and will make your site inaccessible (i.e. screen readers won't be able to properly navigate your site because there is not way for it to tell what is a navigation item)


I would strongly suggest not having your site coded to turn non-navigation items into navigation (bad for SEO, bad for accessibility, bad for analytics, etc) and use proper elements.