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Adobe analytics integration with mobile flutter app


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Use case:
Currently we are experiencing an issue integrating adobe analytics with our mobile flutter app.
We are using the library flutter_aepcore  (https://pub.dev/packages/flutter_aepcore version 3.X.X)

At the moment upon running the app for the first time with no internet connectivity we are seeing exceptions been raised in 2 places:
1. Downloading the json configuration file
2. Registering an experienceCloudId (Identity.experienceCloudId call in aep_identity)

Problem 1:
For the first scenario, we plan to use a local copy of json file as a workaround. Is there a better approach?

Problem 2:
For the second one the way forward is a bit less clear.
Our concern is if the app goes live with Experience Cloud ID and if the user lands on a bad internet area, it would probably result in crashing the app
1. Is there any better way or suggestion around this? We wouldn’t want to compromise excluding experienceCloudID and not having ecid/mid for analytics calls.
2. Any other customers who might have faced a similar issue?
3. For an app, if there is no ECID in the analytics call, can you confirm if it gets processed successfully and shows up in the reports? There won’t be any visitor ID for such scenario and no fallback visitorID for the app(or will it be there?)

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Hi Kanika,


To begin, it's important to note that Analytics Direct is currently not compatible with Flutter. For an up-to-date list of supported extensions, please consult our latest documentation available here. Analytics workflows can be effectively managed through Edge or Edge Bridge extensions, and you can find further information in the linked migration document.


In case you are utilizing the Edge workflows in Flutter:

Issue 1: Employing the bundled configuration is the recommended approach, and you can find the necessary steps in the associated blog post. 


Issue 2: The app should not crash with poor internet connectivity. If that does happen, please raise a ticket with Adobe support. Please share in the verbose level logs, Charles logs with the ticket.