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How to track third party Iframe content?


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Hey Experts,


I have a scenario which i want to track form submissions, form is getting loaded within a iframe  these form content is loaed from another third-party website.

Page A : We have control header and footer loaded from our side (www.mydomain.com)

Page B(iframe embeded on Page A): loaded within i frame from a third-party website.(www.3rdpartydomain.com)


I wanted to tack form submission  and also wants implement data layer to get the  values.


I have to implement these via adobe launch.


Please suggest me best practices and way to archive this

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Hi @Chirag2323 


You will have to add the Adobe Launch tracking  <script></script> on the iframe code. Treating the iframe as a single web page that you would like to track as part of your website's web pages.

In order to implement the dataLayer, include that object on the iframe code base as well. It would be helpful if you could let us know which third party is to be integrated.


I hope this will help fix your issue. 




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his documentation should help if you are using Appmeasurement.js




Since, you are using Adobe Launch , you need to use the function 


whitelistParentDomain and whitelistIframeDomains fucntions as explained in this documentation