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How to open up a scheduled report to add data?


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Hi, I am trying to add metrics to a schedule report already, I'm able to locate it under "Scheduled reports" to edit the emails, delivery dates ect. although when I try locating it under scheduled projects, workspace or dashboard I'm unable to locate it that report. Where would I be able to locate this report to add more data. 

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When you say "Scheduled Report" I am going to assume you are talking about a Workspace? In which case, you don't use that area.. Scheduled Reports is for legacy projects (most of which are going away - I am not sure how Adobe is going to handle scheduled Report Builder reports after the Reports area is sunset in Dec). Scheduled Workspaces show up in Scheduled Projects

However, this is not where you need to add data to your projects...


Scheduled Projects do not send "versions" of your projects... whatever is saved as the latest version, no matter who makes the changes, that is what is sent with the schedule.


To add data to a report, all you need to do is open the report in your Workspace area, make the changes and save it.


This is also why sharing Edit rights to reports should be done so carefully... For instance, if someone changes the default date range, or is doing some adhoc investigation and saves the report it will impact all the schedules which are connected to the report.



The Scheduled Projects area is only for making changes to the schedule.. who it's going to, when its going to send and the extending the expiry of the schedule, etc.