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How to cross verify Google display Ads clicks in adobe analytics


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In google display ads, 10000 clicks, in adobe analytics how should we cross verify with google ads clicks, and which dimensions(like marketing channels, tracking code) should be use or? Can anyone please guide me with the reporting.

Thanks all


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Dear reddy_y-11,

I won't term it as cross-verification, however, to understand the clicks in Adobe Analytics, yes, you need to use Tracking Code. Make sure that every campaign has a unique Tracking Code so that you can understand the clicks of the campaigns separately.

Secondly, don't ever compare the clicks on Google Ads with Adobe Analytics Clicks, they won't match. To give you an example, assume I click an ad in the external domain, and before landing on my web page, I closed the browser or returned back. These cases can happen almost everytime time and during the case, Google will count the click for the ad however since my webpage is not loaded, Adobe Analytics will not count i.e. Didn't load.

Thank You, Pratheep Arun Raj B (Arun) | NextRow DigitalTerryn Winter Analytics



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Here is a thread relating to Google ads metics and conversion delats see my comment a bit further below.




Basically Google ads report metrics can be influenced by not only real users but bots, multiple redirections, and tagging/browser settings that can have significant deltas from Adobe Analytics.


I strongly recommend you have a native adobe analytics tracking ID infrastructure in which you add adobe IDs to and DCM CTA links. This way you can see directly on your site a much more real world tally of users.