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How to create the report from entry page to next page flow


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I'd like to make the report rom entry page to next page,

then I have two ideas now.

However both of them have some problems so I'd like ask here.



・Workspace>component>entry page>visualization>flow

・Check the next page(TOP.5)

→It's possible to see the data which I want, but it takes a lot of time to check. 

 (Checking the URL and counts etc. ※Plus I can't copy the URL from flow chart..)

 If possible I want convert this flow data to list data (like Excel)



・Report>next page

→Appearance which I want is this but this data contains without entry page..

   I want to check only from entry page to next page flow on the list data not flow chart.


If someone have ideas to solve this problem, I want hear.






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@Esuefu  I will suggest to check the below document once. It is related to fallout visualization which can be used to check the visitors from one page to another. You can apply breakpoints in that visualization accordingly.



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@amgupThank you for quick response! I checked the fallout visualization and I felt it's very useful. However, if possible, I'd like to check the trend from entry page to next page.(If using fallout visualization, it's possible to specify unique URL but it's difficult to check the trend) 

This is the image I want. 



・Entry page A (descending order per unique user)

 ー next page A-a 

 ー next page A-b

 ー next page A-c

・Entry page B 

 ー next page B-a 

 ー next page B-b

 ー next page B-c

・Entry page C

If you have some ideas I'd like to ask!






Hi @Esuefu ,

1. When using flow visualization you can export the data in Excel by navigating to Project > Download CSV .

2. The hack mentioned in this article might help to create the table you want in workspace: https://www.fullstackanalyst.io/blog/web-analytics/analysis-workspace-hacks-next-and-previous-page-r...


Level 2



I'm so sorry for replying rate and I appreciate that.

I could check the 1.Project > Download CSV . and I'll also check the URL you write down!!


Plus, I could download CSV which displayed on the flow visualization but 

I couldn't download hidden data.(Usually we can see Top.5 Data and click "more" and see more data.)

→From the beginning, I'd like to download all data in flow visualization without clicking "more" a lot.


Do you have any ideas?