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How to breakdown "Distinct Count" for a dimension?


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Hi there,


Would you please help to advise:

  1. How to validate the "Distinct Count" for a dimension?
  2. How to know which values are?

Here is a real example:

We've set segment that Product ID dimension as following:



A calculated metric is also created: Approx. Distinct. of dimension Product ID



I understand that the counts is not "2" under "IDs=2" is because, user may visit ID1, ID2 in a visit, also visit ID3, ID6 in a visit.

So the questions come:

  1. How to validate the segment is really include visit 2 IDs?
  2. How to know: if a user visited ID1, what is the other one Product ID the user visited?

Please advise.







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The only way I can think of to validate the 'distinct count' feature in workspace would be, if you have a dimension that can identify a single visitor (ID) and then make a visitor based segment using distinct count.

1) in workspace use the segment which has distinct count
2) filter such that you only see one visitor using your ID dimension
3) breakdown the visitor using the dimension for which you based your distinct count on


I would then expect the report to show the distinct values for that visitor and the count should match what is set in your segment. 


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Thanks for the good idea.

But then the 2nd question will have no answer, as following screen capture gives:

The segment is set to:



Then, a table is created, I tried to breakdown 1 product ID by same dimension, but I cannot get "What other Product IDs are visited as well - if a visit viewed PROD500001".



If there is further ideas, please let me know.

Thank you.