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Hit Depth timing issues


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We have some cases whereby expected behavior is not happening.  When a visitor visits our site for the first time, they have to interact with our cookie panel and hit accept.  When they hit accept, it triggers two successive page load beacons - one for the page that had the cookie banner, and one for the page without the banner.  Within the first beacon, the 2 custom events which we have setup capture that a) they have seen the banner and b) they have hit accept.


In about 3-4% of cases we see the custom events within the 2nd hit.  There is only milliseconds of difference but we don't understand the decision around how AA splits these into the different hit depths.


Can someone shed some light here.



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Hi @AngelDee77 -

I would recommend to use "Run rule component in sequence" setting and setup rule order priority for rules. This will ensure they render in desired sequence.

Another factor to review is clearVars() is in place after each sendBeacon call to ensure "s" object doesn't have prior variables set.

Reference here: https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/adobe-experience-platform-data/rule-component-seque...


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Thanks for this. I am still interested to know why this is happened.  Why or how AA decides to split out the custom events from the first hit to the 2nd.  How does it decide?


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I think we would need to see the implementation to really help with this one... My guess is that because there is no delay between the page view actions, the determining factor is all based on how fast the scripts are running, and being so close you are talking about fractions of a second causing inconsistent behaviour.


To be honest, I don't know why you are inflating your page views by triggering two page views in a row... 


In most cases, cookie consent is about allowing cookies to identify a user, not about tracking in general... you can disable the ECID for people that don't consent to cookies (and you should probably configure the analytics cookies ot be session bases so that the backup s_vid doesn't follow the user)... which would allow you to track but without cookies... this will inflate your UVs, but it's not like that is terribly accurate anyway with most people using multiple devices....


Then when the user accept the cookies, you could just track an action (not a page view) about the accept (or rejection), and then if accepted an ECID should be created for the user for the remaining tracking....