Hierarchy Variable (hierN)



Can someone explain to me what the difference is between the pathing reports and HierN variable?  Here is what know about pathing, it's based off of our page naming structures, and that the pathing reports show how far the user has navigated into our site. The hierN is also based off of user navigation and naming conventions, but shows the top category (section or sub section) so I'm guessing it's based off of the s.channel variable. But at the heart of it, aren't both reports showing the same thing? Consider this scenario, if I went to a site landed on the homepage, then went to their baseball page, then went to the autographed baseball page aren't both variables going to show the same thing?

pathing: homepage:baseball:autographed baseball

HierN: homepage:baseball:autographed baseball



Also, do I have to have breadcrumbs setup to set the HierN variable? Our site doesn't currently use them. Any help would be appreciated, I've read the knowledge base regarding the HierN variable and it's not clear to me. Thanks.

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