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Google Translate / Chrome browser auto translate


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Hi everyone! 

I have the same question as this 2019 query. Looking to see if it is possible to quantify the instances of page being viewed in another language when the visitor is using the translate feature on Chrome. 



It looks like back then it was not possible unless you create a way to detect and capture this. Is it still the case? Or is anyone aware of a new development in this front in the past 3 years, that allow us to easily quantify page views with Google Translate? 


Thank you for your comments! 



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If there is a standard text value on your site that exists on all pages (possibly something on your header or footer) where the text is unlikely to change..


You might be able to do a simple check if using JS..


First extract the element from the DOM with:


var ele = window.document.getElementById('idName');
// or
var ele = window.document.querySelector('#div .class .class');



Then do a simple check:


var translate = false;
if (ele.innerText !== "known value"){
    translate = true;



Not terribly elegant, but basically, if the value of the element doesn't match the expected value (for the standard language), then it's being translated.