Find a visitor's first value in a given dimension



I work for a video company and we'd like to be able to know which episodes/movies are driving conversions, ie: what's the very first video a user watches.

If we use, say, eVar 64 for "video name", how can I find out the number of times each video (value passed into that eVar) was the *first* one watched by a visitor?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



few things here. I would make an evar like:

First watched video

Under allocation:

Original Value (First)

The make it last at last 30 days(or whatever you deem is ideal)

Then I assume you have video events like video views etc. just correlate them against First watched video evar. You can then even go so far as to see what videos users then watched/played after the first to get ideas of longer tail impact. Its session based so will not then fire moer than once unless a new PC is used to access or cookies deleted.


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