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Expanding number of break-down row items to more than 5



I would like to breakdown a dimension with another dimension, however, by default, this only shows five rows in the breakdown. Any way to increase this limit of 5 to more number of rows and set that as constant instead of increasing rows for all tables in the workspace?

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hey @akbansal  you can select number of rows you want to see after applying dimension in breakdown,

In below image I already  highlighted where you need to select and change the number of rows you want to see in brakdown panel under dimension where you are using breakdown.




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Adding on to @Satyam_Gupta1's answer: unfortunately, you can't fix the number of breakdown rows.

If you were to replace a broken down dimension that has your desired number of rows with another dimension, that replacement breakdown will retain your desired number of rows.


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@Satyam_Gupta1 / @yuhuisg,


Probably I was not clear enough in my question earlier. I am aware how we can break-down dimensions, but if we have 20-25 tables where the rows needs to be expanded, it becomes tiresome. Hence, I wanted to change the default value of 5 to a higher number for all my workspace projects.