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Tracking behaviour when open link in Facebook app browser


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H community, 

We are working with campaings for Facebook. We setup 12 campaings but only 7 of them have data in Analytics. Seems we're missing tracking in Adobe Analytics for 5 of those campaigns, because all 12 campaigns are already reported in Facebook like they got clicks.

We have a theory. Users are opening the campaings inside Facebook app browser. But this browser disables Adobe tracking. Does it make sense?

Thank you!

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The Facebook app webview shouldn't prevent your tracking from working (that is of course assuming that there isn't some scripting on your site that fails in this scenario) - I've tested multiple times with my website and tracking on those pages come through just fine.


You should be able to test this for yourself.


If you are familiar with using Charles or Fiddler proxy to test mobile apps, you can actually use this to test here too... except, instead of looking for mobile app tracking calls, you can just look for your website tracking calls.



Charles is a paid program (with a very annoying free trial period)


If you are using a windows machine, I prefer Fiddler (and fiddler classic at that.. its completely free)




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For those missing 5 campaigns, test their landing page URLs to see if there is any redirect that could be stripping out your campaign tracking codes from the URLs. Such stripping would prevent AA from tracking your campaigns properly.