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EOL of "Reports & Analytics" - reporting API


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I'm trying to understand the consequences of EOL of "Reports & Analytics" in december 2023 on API calls we're doing daily.

Does it have an impact on the following endpoint/API ?

From what was shared to me there is no deprecation or changes for this endpoints.
However i prefer to make sure that it is the case !


Thank you for your help,



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I don't believe that any of the APIs are to be impacted with the sunset of "Reports and Analytics"... as far as I am aware, this is really just turning off the old interface.


I have not seen any news about any changes to API endpoints... that said, I don't work for Adobe and I am only going off the information that I have seen and heard as well.


However, I would expect that IF the APIs were impacted, you would be getting emails about migrating (like when the 1.3 API was sunset, letting users whose companies were still making calls know that their processes would be impacted).


I am going to say I am 99% sure that nothing API 2.0 will be impacted, as that is the new API, and Workspaces all work from that API standard; and I am 95% sure that the API 1.4 calls should remain (based on lack of any specific notices regarding the APIs).