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Enable Opt-In feature with exception


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Hi All,


I have received an implementation, where I need to enable the Opt-In feature on an existing AEM website. The website has many applications (Using .NET web applications and AEM sites). When a user switches back and forth on the website, we want it to be in one visitor session.

As per the recommended implementation, we need to set allow and deny on Adobe.optIn in case the User has not opted-in or opted Out.

Additionally, we want the mandatory tags to be sent to the server.


I had gone through the Adobe documentation but was not able to find a proper solution. If there is any pointers or any help guide, please do share.



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Community Advisor

I haven't encountered a situation like yours, but I think the Opt-in setting is specific to the domain. When your users switch between websites, are they switching between domains too? E.g. websiteA.com, websiteB.com, etc. If so, then I think you will need a workaround to be able to pass the opt-in setting from one site to another. You could also check with Client Care for support on this.