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How to restrict AMCV and AMCVs cookies to be created


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Hi All,


While implementing Opt-in for one website, I need to send data to the server in both cases.

Case 1: Opt-in -> All tags to be sent to the server

Case 2: Not Opt-In -> Mandatory tags to be sent to the server


I am trying to manage it by allowing Adobe.OptIn.Allow in both the cases with CookieLifetime set to DEFAULT in case of Opt-In and CookieLifetime set to NONE in case of Not Opted-In.


In Case 2, the AMCV and AMCVs cookies are getting created and I can see the visitor ID is also getting created (Visitor.getInstance("<ORG_ID>").getMarketingCloudVisitorID()). I don't want the AMCV and AMCVs cookies to be created in this case and the Visitor ID should be empty. Is it possible to do that? OR any other pointers there?


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I believe that the cookies will always get set, regardless of the opt-in setting. You can check with Client Care for more information about this.