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Duplicate pageview - visit


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Hi everyone,

I have been getting multiple pageview call for single pageload.

Since, I  create report based on Top pages by visit.

How would the duplicate pageview server call will effect?



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Community Advisor



Since you are looking at top pages by visits, multiple pageviews would not impact the trend as it would just take into the first pageview for a page during the visit.


On the other hand, you should definitely look at the cause of the multiple pageviews and fix it.




Community Advisor

To add to this, while the trend is unaffected, if only one or some pages are impacted by double tracking, it can be hard to get a proper distribution of your pages (i.e. top pages, top sections, etc...) it could even hurt calculations such as "orders / product page views" if for instance the product page view was the one double tracking.. the conversion rate would look a lot worse...


The other thing to consider is your contract, and how many server calls you have to spare... the contracts are based on server calls... if you are using double the server calls on pages that are popular, this could (depending on your usage and how much room you have left yourself) cause you to go over your allotment and have to pay overage charges when you contract renewal comes up.