Does AA exclude high-hit visits from data?




I found this note on high-hit visit processing:

"High-Hit Visit Processing: If more than 100 hits occur in a visit, reporting determines if the time of the visit in seconds is less than or equal to the number of hits in the visit. In this situation, due to the cost of processing long, intense visits, reporting starts over with a new visit. High-hit visits are typically caused by bot attacks and are not considered normal visitor browsing."

Since these visits are not considered as normal visitor browsing does AA exclude them as bot traffic from data by default (even if  the visitor is not on IAB list and is not included in applied bot rules)?



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Karolina,

It's a good question, the short answer is no we don't exclude them.  We do increment the visit number though.  Meaning if the visitor ID XYZ123 comes to the site and makes 150 hits in ~90 seconds.  The first 100 hits we will treat it as visit_number 1 then the next 50 hits will be set to visit_number 2.  Meaning we'll still collect and report on all 150 hits, it will just be broken into 2 visits.  But, none of them would be excluded.  (assuming they aren't on the bot list etc.)

I hope that helps,