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Different Websites in one Report Suite: How to segment data, to just get User Acvtivity tracked for one Website


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Hey guys,


i have an inspiring question for you experts and wanted to ask you whether it makes sense to contact Adobe about this:


I am concerned with the sense or nonsense of Virtual Report Suite or segments. Example: You are implemented on two different websites (website A and website B) with Adobe and all data flow into one report suite. Both websites have different articles that are recorded using the "Article" dimension. I'm creating a segment for a VRS that just tracks everything that happens on site A to measure page views etc. on that Website. I now create a segment with Distinct Count (Dimension "Article" is greater than 4 (distinct count)). Now Adobe would look to see which users meet the segment criterion of the VRS, but the segment with "Article Distinct Count" would not count the articles that are only available on website A. But I would like to achieve that now only articles are counted in this segment for the Unique Visitors that the user reads only on website A. So it should be suggested that website B would not even exist. 


Or, as a further example, the dimension "Days since last visit": I would not be able to do that "Days since last visit" only reffer to Website A, becaues all data is in one Report Suite? 


Can you only solve the problem if a separate report suite is created for each website? The VRS does not seem to solve this problem.


I am very curious about your answers


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